About the project

March 4, 2014

A collaboration between Made Corrections and the Kaunas Correctional and Interrogation Facility. An opportunity for street artists to interact with serving inmates. Crossing the boundaries of freedom and captivity. Changing both sets of lives outside and within.

39 giant posters of inmates printed and supplied to us by the global art movement inside out – the brainchild of the world renowned artist known as JR – will be pasted high and proud, not only on a prominent wall in the city of Kaunas but more significantly on the inside walls of the facility.

The purpose is to raise awareness of the fact that we all have a universal responsibility to young vulnerable people, irrelevant of creed, colour, nationality or culture. Everyone needs and deserves art in their lives.

Leading street artists will create works of urban art within the facility and will mirror these works within the city of Kaunas on selected walls.

Engaging with lithuanian artists the outcome will be to set up and facilitate a year long program of art within the facility for a minimum of 12 months.