About Made Corrections

Made Corrections – is a cross – cultural, trans – media exchange between those in need and experienced practicing artists who seek to use their talents for positive change whilst raising awareness to the passion and talent for the arts that exists within the world’s prisons and youth offending facilities.

What We Do

Made Corrections works globally with local arts organisations and artists to provide inspirational and inclusive arts experiences that engage and inspire young inmates to prove that art can work as rehabilitation.

Made Corrections works with international facilities to give workshops, talks and demonstrations that emphasize our mission, art as opportunity, and to run structured arts courses, like those run in UK Youth offending facilities.

The learning and socializing opportunity that art projects bring to the inmates help create something truly inspirational, impactful and life changing.

This is a big deal in prison, to be allowed to have a say in what things look like and then be the ones to make those changes. Our art projects help to transform a prison, its staff and most importantly the young prisoners.

Inmate Letter

“Now I realize that I have spent time in vain. The realization of the fact that I am the one, who chooses the way of life, helped me when it seemed that I could not strive anymore, and had no strength to start everything from a scratch. Today, I invoke ART into my struggle. This is an important part of my life that inspires changes. Dean Stalham’s personal example, that art saves lives, promotes me not to lose.”

Why We Do It

Statistics show that prisoners who are released having accessed and practiced art are less likely to re-offend.

Made Corrections does not condone crime in any way, nor question the sentencing of it. What we do condone is working and dealing with rehabilitation to a better end.

We do not have all of the answers on how to make a man or woman leave a place of incarceration a better person, what we do know and help others to realize is that with art in your life, your life will be in a better place.

We can offer some of the tools needed to make a difference; to help men and women integrate into a society they never knew existed before, a society where art is for everyone irrelevant of class or background.

It is impossible to change the past, but we can help change the future.

Our Vision

Many kids and adults lose their way in life and at Made Corrections through ART we have three objectives:

  1. To support youth and adult offenders in developing confidence, life skills and employment within the arts.
  2. To create ART to make positive messages and behaviour that help, inspire and prevent a negative life path.
  3. To make ART inclusive for all, including working with third party interest groups to build a stronger network for positive change.

Made Corrections animates the artistic impulses of society’s dispossessed and downtrodden, offering them a rare sympathy. Believing passionately in art saving lives, the projects give people who have lost their way back their dignity, enabling them to move forward. The purpose of Made Corrections is to raise awareness of the fact that we all have a universal responsibility to young vulnerable people, irrelevant of creed, colour, nationality or culture. Everyone needs and deserves art in their lives. We go in, we deliver, and when we leave we’ve ‘made corrections’.


Registered Community Interest Company Number: 9651375